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Multiple Vulnerabilities in D-Link DSL-320B

Device: DSL-320B

Firmware Version: EU_DSL-320B v1.23 date: 28.12.2010

Vendor URL:

============ Vulnerability Overview: ============

  • Access to the Config file without authentication => full authentication bypass possible!: (1)




Multiple Vulnerabilities in D'Link DIR-635

Device Name: DIR-635
Vendor: D-Link

============ Vulnerable Firmware Releases: ============

Firmwareversion: 2.34EU
Hardware-Version: B1
Produktseite: DIR-635

============ Vulnerability Overview: ============

  • Stored XSS -> Status - WLAN -> SSID

Multiple Vulnerabilities in D'Link DIR-615 - Hardware revision D3 / DIR-300 - Hardware revision A

Device Name: DIR-615 - Hardware revision D3 / DIR-300 - Hardware revision A
Vendor: D-Link

============ Device Description: ============


============ Vulnerable Firmware Releases - DIR-615: ============

Tested Firmware Version : 4.13

============ Vulnerable Firmware Releases - DIR-300: ============

Multiple Vulnerabilities in D-Link devices

Device Name: DIR-600 / DIR-300 revB / DIR-815 / DIR-645 / DIR-412 / DIR-456 / DIR-110
Vendor: D-Link

============ Vulnerable Firmware Releases: ============

DIR-815 v1.03b02 (unauthenticated command injection)
DIR-645 v1.02 (unauthenticated command injection)
DIR-645 v1.03 (authenticated command injection)
DIR-600 below v2.16b01 (with v2.16b01 D-Link also fixes different vulnerabilities reported in M1ADV2013-003)
DIR-300 revB v2.13b01 (unauthenticated command injection)
DIR-300 revB v2.14b01 (authenticated command injection)
DIR-412 Ver 1.14WWB02 (unauthenticated command injection)
DIR-456U Ver 1.00ONG (unauthenticated command injection)
DIR-110 Ver 1.01 (unauthenticated command injection)

Possible other versions and devices are also affected by this vulnerability.

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Netgear DGN2200B

Device Name: DGN2200B
Vendor: Netgear

============ Vulnerable Firmware Releases: ============

Hardwareversion DGN2200B
Firmwareversion V1.0.0.36_7.0.36 - 04/01/2011
GUI Sprachversion: V1.0.0.25

============ Device Description: ============


Firmware download: