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Multiple Vulnerabilities in D-Link DSL-320B

Device: DSL-320B

Firmware Version: EU_DSL-320B v1.23 date: 28.12.2010

Vendor URL:

============ Vulnerability Overview: ============

  • Access to the Config file without authentication => full authentication bypass possible!: (1)




Your Telnet Backdoor is waiting for you

It is too bad if your device has a backdoor directly from the vendor. In some devices of the vendor D-Link you are able to find a nice telnet server listening on the internal network interface. The following output shows the results of a Nmap scan of three different D-Link DIR devices (DIR-300revA, DIR-300revB, DIR-600revB):

root@bt:~# nmap -sSV -p 23,144,222
Starting Nmap 6.01 ( ) at 2013-04-30 13:42 CEST
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.0067s latency).

Multiple Vulnerabilities in D'Link DIR-635

Device Name: DIR-635
Vendor: D-Link

============ Vulnerable Firmware Releases: ============

Firmwareversion: 2.34EU
Hardware-Version: B1
Produktseite: DIR-635

============ Vulnerability Overview: ============

  • Stored XSS -> Status - WLAN -> SSID

Special Webcast: Hacking Embedded Systems (No Axe Required)

Hey guys,

yesterday @pauldotcom gave a great webcast on hacking embedded devices. Following some impressions of this webcast.

On a slide with HD Moore ... h00ray ;)

And the MIPS payloads of the #metasploit framework:

Multiple Vulnerabilities in D'Link DIR-615 - Hardware revision D3 / DIR-300 - Hardware revision A

Device Name: DIR-615 - Hardware revision D3 / DIR-300 - Hardware revision A
Vendor: D-Link

============ Device Description: ============


============ Vulnerable Firmware Releases - DIR-615: ============

Tested Firmware Version : 4.13

============ Vulnerable Firmware Releases - DIR-300: ============