no one is safe ...

A little of everything - Short Attention Span Security

some short talks

* Mailinator - nur ein weiteres Anonymisierungssystem für Mails? Check it out

* Bios Rootkits bzw. wird EFI die Arbeit vereinfachen?

* Random XSS - End tags allows to have attributes (Bypassing MS anti-XSS libraries) ... ""

* Macromedia Flex - it is hard to find script injections, where can you find an XSS when all form fields are locked down? ... via a IE bug ...

* Code Audits -> Dehydra ...

* Groo -> auto crack WEP in 2.5mins ... series of scripts to auto-crack WEP, uses mini Gentoo installation with 2 WIFI Cards, One for sniffing, one for attacking, automated aircrack system ;)

* porting Groo to the EEEpc ;)

... hf